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Archive for June, 2013

Target Shooting / Getting Your Pup Used to Loud Sounds – Start with your Enviornment

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


Hi Guys Sal here again thanks for checking out my blog. I was talking to a law enforcement buddy the other day, he actually works for swat so we often shoot together. Sergeant Rick clued me in on some interesting information about Gun Shy dogs. More or less his theory is if you start shooting on property with your dog as a young pup, the chances of him becoming gun shy later on are much less likely. Was funny we have a skittish dog named Darren who runs through our electric dog fence system whenver we shoot, he often can’t be found for days at a time. Since Rick and I have begin training all new pups with English Springer Spaniels on the property…and damn let me tell you these dogs won’t even think of running through the fence, so we have both come to the conclusion that this is the way to go as far as dog training.


To start with watch this funny Invisible Fence video it really give you a good look at how these things work.

When it comes to security purposes, dogs are incorporated with guns and bombs. Due to the fact that dogs are intelligent and have a good sense of smell, they are a big help for all trainers and security enforcers. Their ability to smell from a distance is extremely reliable. For you to have such kind of dog, you should teach him to become more attentive and aware of all the noise that surrounds him. An example of it is gun noise. Mostly, dogs start to run off upon hearing such kind of noise. For you to build up courage in your dog’s mind and heart, you should teach him different kinds of sounds especially guns, bombs and grenades. Do not give the doubt of being hurt upon hearing unnatural sounds. Dog fences are commonly used to train dog pets and security dogs. There are various kinds of dog fences that are available in the market. Dog fence helps you and your dog become more secured from any dangerous animals like rattlesnakes.

There are various types of dog fences: invisible fences and electric fences. These two are the common dog fences that are used by many dog owners and trainers. Electric fence for dogs is one of the most common dog fencing systems in the market nowadays. The electric fence for dogs relies on negative reinforcement and painful punishments upon drawing near the specified boundary. The effects of such punishments are causing the dogs to reside in frights of being electrocuted for normal actions like barking, crossing the boundary or simply jumping off the surface of your home. However, positive training techniques wherein dogs are awarded for doing things right is an effective and kinder way than to inflicting them with severe pains and horrid shocks. Some animal rights group like Peta hate these types of fences, you will have to let common sense dictate whether this is for your dog or not.



Yards that are surrounded by electric fences may develop aggression and fear to your dogs and will aim for what they have believed the source of their shock. Dogs have been known to dash through electric fences when terrified by fireworks or chasing some squirrels and being too alarmed to enter back through the fence. You should buy your electric dog fence system from an authorized dealer of whatever the respective brand is Petsafe Brand and Invisible Fence Brand seem to be the most popular many sites sell these fences.

Electric fences might actually encourage dogs to escape. Since your dogs suffer from painful shocks in your yard, your dogs might associate the painful shock with the yard itself. They will think that once they get out your yard, the pain will vanish. Due to the fact that dogs feel pain whenever they try to reenter the fence, they believe that upon returning home, it will make them suffer more severe pain. Using electric fences for dogs gives the owners and trainers enough confidence knowing that the electric fence secures your dogs from any uncertainties. The electric fence works with reliability and durability. The electric fence can be placed in any types of surroundings. Even if the electric fences give shocks to your dogs, these electric fences guarantee security and protection for your dogs and premises. The electric fence can absolutely train your dog from being neglectful to a matured one. The shock has its own advantage for your dogs. Even if your dog suffers due to being near the fence, he will be able to regain the discipline in him. He will not anymore go near that fence due to the fact that he will suffer.